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As a small business owner and consultant, one of the most vital things you should practice is proper bookkeeping. If you have good financial records, you will be able to pinpoint your most profitable clients. Proper record keeping will ensure you are tracking all business expenses to write off at year end.


Our team understands the importance architecture firms have in project conception and execution. Some projects may be priced by the hour, while others may be priced per project and maintaining a steady cash flow is no easy task. Our experienced team will help with progressive billing, cash flow forecasting and internal cost management to keep your firm running in your slowest and busiest times. 


Although you may not have a brick-and-mortar store, ecommerce is still a retail business. You’ll need a bookkeeping system for essential business activities such as recording revenues and expenditures, managing inventory and filling out your tax forms, along with payments. 


Advertising and marketing companies have a unique set of accounting, tax and financial requirements. This may include issues related to categorization and recording of media buys, revenue recognition, tracking pre-paid expenses and reimbursements. Client and project profitability tracking is often another challenge faced by advertising and marketing businesses. Our team will assist you with what we do best, while you focus on your growing your agency.


Engineers and architects share very similar methods in relation to internal accounting. This includes progressive and flex billing along with job costing. Allow our experts to guide you through setting up your accounting so that you have a pulse on your business and future projections.


Freelancers are not exempt for keeping their business financials in order. Accurate and real-time records should be easily accessible and referred to frequently to measure business performance.

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