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We Help Texas Business Owners
Focus On Their Business

Successful business owners should focus on perfecting their niche product or service to maximize profits, not the bookkeeping.

Coordinare’s niche is bookkeeping. Our goal is to give you your most valuable asset back, time, while giving you financial insight to grow your business.

Short Line About

Our Company

Coordinare was founded in Fort Worth, Texas by Veronica Liggett. After having successfully managed small businesses throughout her career, she took notice that many small business owners struggled to keep up with internal accounting and operational processes. Small businesses tend to hire those under-qualified, while large businesses tend to hire large accounting firms whom they will never get to know personally.

Our company has been built around our motto that people do business with those whom they like, know, and trust. We strive to remain local and work with small business owners to realize their goals. Coordinare personnel are trained to work at the highest professional level while maintaining a relationship built on integrity.

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